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Waste Oil Recycling vs. North State Rendering Update

⊆ 9:49 AM by Zach Tanksley | ˜ Comments

It would appear that Mr. Stedman has approached North State Rendering's Attorney saying he is willing to do 2 things to soothe the situation regarding the "Grease Rustling" that occurred last Monday.

1) He will cease pumping any oil from North State Rendering's containers despite have the restaurant owners' permission in order to avoid any further "turf feuds".

2) He is more than willing to show all documentation regarding his licensing and insurance.

My Take:
Apparently Mr. Stedman is just wanting to be in fair competition. A competition I am sure he wants to win.


Waste Oil Recycling fighting the Monopoly!

⊆ 5:38 PM by Zach Tanksley | ˜ Comments

It looks like the little guy is stepping up to the big guy in the classic David and Goliath archetype.

But this is not the territory of God's land.

It is over the territory of... Fryer Oil?

Record Searchlight of Redding, CA reports this. (Click Link for Full Story)

Joshua Lee Phelps, 27, was detained, cited on suspicion of petty theft, and released after a driver from North State Rendering Co. spotted him sucking grease from one of the Chico company's tanks behind Casa Ramos Mexican Restaurant on Hilltop Drive, Cpl. Eric Niver said.
But Phelps' employer said the incident was "a big fat misunderstanding" and nothing more than strong-arm tactics by rival North State Rendering in an effort to quash new competition.

How much of a misunderstanding is there?

The law that Cpl. Niver appears to be stating is that of "possession is 9/10ths of the law". However WOR is contending that what is on restaurant property is still restaurant property and thus to be distributed by whomever is in charge of said restaurant. If this was North State Renderings oil depot that Phelps was pumping out of they might have a case for this theft. But since the container is on the restaurant's property as a waste receptacle, it would also be deemed that if the receptacle ever leaked, it would be up to the restaurant to clean up not NSR.

Supreme Court Case 486 U.S. 35 Greenwood vs. California is the case in which waste and property are determined when in legal matters. Waste being defined as the unwanted products being discarded by a property owner, and property being determined as what land they have right and responsibility toward in legal issues.

Also as a note of interest. Technically WOR was simply taking the fryer oil, they do not take "grease" which is typically lard or animal fat buildups. They leave all that collection for NSR. WOR is only interested in the oil that can be turned into biodiesel.


Feeling Better Already

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So I know I asked you to ask me last night. But I have to say I am feeling so refreshed now from my quiet times. Not because I have managed to do them for 2 consecutive days (which is an accomplishment) but because I have managed to not give them a time limit.

Twice now for 2 hours I have sat listening to my ipod, studying my hebrew, journaling... (no reading this morning, waiting for Karina to catch up, she started a different book on accident) and praying. And the vast majority of this is definitely the hebrew. Even though it is just relearning the alphabet (which was still in my head for the most part) and the vowels (those too), my transliteration is feeling better then it did when I was a 4th semester Hebrew student translating text. So I am really stoked to see where these studies go. I will try and share what I am studying as far as Hebrew.

Anyways, going to check out Karina's folks church today with them. Time to wake her up now I think... pray for me.

btw... I still love Kenya coffee from Starbucks


Getting back on track

⊆ 11:27 PM by Zach Tanksley | ˜ Comments

I suck at quiet times. I get them started, then I fall off. Normally I would make excuses about how busy I am, or how I can never find something to study or be worth my while. Etc. etc. etc... It is very lame. So I have started again. And I need your help.

I am employing mass accountability. I need you to ask me what is going on with them. I can tell you what I am doing in general.

I am reading "The Power of a Praying Husband". I am journaling. I am praying. And I am relearning ancient Hebrew.

And I am doing it every morning at 6:15am.

So please, help a brother out. Ask me about it so I can give you an answer.


31 hours till you can save a life

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Or more... and the best part is you can choose which lives to save.

Better yet, you get to do that and get lots of sweet mac software. Check em out!

That's right go take a look at MacHeist and help save a life.

I have done this for the past 2 bundles and I always end up using enough software to justify the 50 dollars spent. Even if I didn't use the software knowing I was saving a life somewhere always seemed enough to me.